Happy in Rainy Day

I was happy today :

1st because teresa will join us to attend the cooking class of portuguese food in catya’s house. yeah! we wont come to the pharmacy. hihi.

2nd because today, for the first time i just met muslimah, female, wear veil and we had a tea time !

Okay, in the morning actually i got a mood disorder, but i denied it. I still went to pharmacy with my fullest smile. In pharmacy, we shared about narcotic and psychotropic regulation in our country and in europe. In the end of the day, i planned to have a my time with go to the St Cruz cafe, the famous cafe in Coimbra because of its menu and architecture inside where so classic. At St Cruz Cafe, i ordered a cup of hot milk chocolate and Pastel de Nata. before that, Teresa, Coasta, and Catya have recommended me to try Pastel de Nata, Pastel de Tentugal, and Suspeiro. They are the traditional cake of portugal. and I tasted, The taste was really delicioso!. After spent several minutes there, i went to the down town and entered Nicola Cafe, I ordered a cup of green tea and Pastel de Tentugal . the taste was also delicioso ! eu adoro ! but i prefer Pastel de Nata than Tentugal. when i want to go to the river, i met muslimah, she wearing pashmina as her veil, with her back pack, the right hand hold the plastic bag H&M, the left hand hold a box of cherry. she saw me also. we smiled and said assalamu’alaikum ! and then we walked in the opposite way. but suddenly, i changed my way, i chased her because i want to talk with her. i thought that is my chance to discuss with other muslimah.

Y : excuse me, excuse me..

she turned of her head

A : assalamu’alaikum

Y : are you moslem?

A : ya alhamdulillah

Y : finally i meet some one who are moslem in Coimbra

A : hello, where are you form?

Y : im Indonesian. you?

A : Im from Morocco, near Tunisia, you know?

Y : yes i know, im happy to meet youu.

A : ooh can you speak arab? i thought you are from malaysia, because my english is so bad

Y : no i cant, maybe just from alquran

A : are you hafidzah?


Y : im still trying

A : Alhamdulillah. i can save your contact

(and the increasingly heavy rain is falling)

A : we can go to the coffee shop for a minute because the rain is falling

we run to the cafetaria

Y : so are you study in here?

A : ya, from senior high school, ive stayed 8 years here with my family. im sorry, im not fluent in english, i can speak portuguese, french or arabic.

Y : aah you live with your famz! happy to know there is a muslimah famz here. wow ! i really want to have skill in other language beside english

A : yah,, just a few resident who are moslem here. but english is the important

Y : but in the future, the arabic will be the world language. oiya, i know the mesquita here, near St Apolonia botanico, is there many event of islamic there?

A : hmm.. i dont think so,,islamic centre is still developing here. you can go to my home menha (tomorrow), ill talk to my parents

Y : aaa my pleasure. ill contact you asap.

A : oh, we should to go to bus station quickly, a few minutes later is the latest bus.

Y : okay, obrigada ! te menha ~

that’s my story, finally meet muslimah famz, tomorrow insyaAllah i will attend her invitation to go to her house. may Allah always bless all moslem all over the world. Allahumma aamiiin…

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