Mealhada and New Friends

Mealhada, tue, June 18th 2013

As we discussed before, we are going to go to Monte Novo where Catya’s home located. Teresa and I go to the pharmacy first, we tell to Dr.paulo that we cant attend in pharmacy in this tuesday, and fortunately, dr. Paulo give us permission. yey! Teresa and I then go to the train station. To reach Catya’s house, we should take train from Coimbra train station and stop at Mealhada train stasion. There, Catya will pick us up. We still have 20 minutes before the train will leave from Coimbra, we spend our time to visit the old street of Universidade. Teresa show me the old catedral, the previous faculty of pharmacy building, the old entrace of Coimbra where the students should wear their complete uniform as in Harry Potter. Then, We reach train station at 09.55. The train schedule is at 10.08, so several minutes left we spend with looking around the beautiful scenery of the river side and dont forget to capture it. here my best photo shoot before go to Mealhada.


We arrive at 10.40 am and we dont see where is catya, oh.. catya will be late because she must to finish something related on tax or finance (idont know well). we wait on the train station until one hour. Teresa start to complain, she text catya a massage and finally Catya order to us to meet on her location. Catya show the direction to go there. After 1 hour, finally Catya go out from the office and she also complaine because some body tell her to go to the other office. Catya is fed up. Teresa is starving and i just laugh. Finally we go to Catya’s house and cook Bacalhau for our lunch. I never taste it, this is the traditional food from portugal. For portuguese food you can use fish, frango (chicken), pork, ham or sausage as main ingredient but because im moslem, they should to follow what I want. so… we cook bacalhau fish !


Bacalhau potato olive !

actually it’s so easy and simple !

ingredients :

– potato (slice it)

– egg

– cod fish

– olive oil and fruit

– salt

how to cook?

1. boil egg

2. boil fish, put salt on the water

3. slice potato put also on the water

4. after 15 minutes, remove the fish, separate spine and skin, put on the plate which will be oven

5. after potato cooked (soft), remove and put on the plate

6. remove boiled egg, remove the shell and slice it, put on the plate

7. put the olive fruit and olive oil

8. crock the egg (about 2 eggs), stir and pour onto the plate

9. ready to oven it about 15-20 minutes 200 oC

10. after browny colour, remove and ready to eat! TRY IT!

yummy sexy food and sexy chef :p!

After lunch, we go out side to look around Monte Novo and try to do sport and exercise with walking at the forest. First, we come to the top of the hill ! feel really wonderful, the nature which Allah had created it perfectly!

I really want to cry when i capture this scenery. i just remember that i always say to Allah “please, remove my problem”, but sometimes i don’t see clearly all of things that Allah has given to me :’)

From here we can see the ocean. subhanallah !

but because the wind blow so hard and we feel so cold, we cant be there for a long time. just for few minutes and then we leave to go to another place. then we enjoy the natural forest of Monte Novo. We also visit bussaco, a palace in the middle of the forest, beautiful, where the king of Portuguese stay and have refreshing. and the thing that we should to buy is Cavacas de luso, the traditional cake, we can find only on Monte Novo

in the afternoon toward evening, we come back again at catya’s house and we will have a tea time ! what’s menu of our tea time? yoghurt cake, toast, biscuit, and milk! and we make yoghurt cake ! similar to bacalhau, it is also the simple one ! 🙂


ingredients :

– 1 bottle of fruit youghurt

– 2 glasses of sugar

– 5 egg yolk, separate in two container

– a half glass of vegetable oil or we can change it with butter or margarine

– 3 glasses of flour

how to cook :

– mixture yoghurt, sugar and egg yolk with mixer (mix A)

– mixture the other part of cake in the other container until soft and solid (B)

– vegetable oil add onto A, mixture it

– flour add onto A, mixture it

– B add onto A and mixture until smooth

– put into the dish for oven

– oven it until 30 minutes -1 hour 200oC temperature, check it periodically

tadaaaa. have a nice tea time !

Actually it is really delicious, but we remove from oven to the dish so quickly, and something happen 🙁

i am really happy, laugh togehther, discuss and share anything, some time we have different mind but we accept it , we learn many thing from each other and the important we want to make a friendship even we are from different country and also different culture :).

thanks for the unforgetable and enjoyable moment 🙂 <3

we called it social investment

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