PhD Options

Induction session :

“and about the future of yours, you could continue to become a PhD student, working at hospital, come back to your country and continue your job, as well as working at pharmaceutical industry/ other laboratories.”, said Dr. Miller, Program Director of Clinical Pharmacology, UoG

He said then..

” However, if you want to pursue to be PhD candidate directly after graduate from master degree, better to plan it from now, particularly thinking about fund. You can contact and consult with Dr. Nicklin at the first time. just send an email.”

I did it ! I send an email, just asked about the topic of dissertation, the opportunity vs challenge if I want to become an expertise in Pharmacogenomic and personalised medicine. it has been one of topic research and that’s why I chose UoG.

” Actually, one year is not really enough to gain more about personalised medicine. If I want to be involved in it more, by continuing my education into PhD, is there any recommendation about what should I do to pursue PhD? As Dr Miller said yesterday, it will be better if I contact you at the first.” – message has been sent

Dr. Nicklin replied it soon

“I am happy to meet with you to discuss PhD options, please come to the address below and ask the janitor at reception to ring me. How would next Friday (3rd October) at 11.30am suit you?”

I just thought, really Ngoi? you really desire to be a PhD candidate? is it not so fast ? I just arrived 2 weeks ago. I dare my self!

the day before my appointment with Dr. Nicklin…

I attended a course, entitled “Academic Writing for Post Graduate”. I thought it was a class for general students who are in master degree and want to improve academic writing skill. But, In fact, It was a class to write thesis (for PhD) and I was the only one master student. Everyone seemed happy to see my enthusiasm in learning. It was a wrong class for me ! or is it a sign that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ? – Paulo Coelho

the night before my appointment with Dr. Nicklin…

I tried to prepare all the things about conversation-between-new student-with-academic staff related-to-pursuing-PhD. I arranged all the possibilities of questions and answer that will happen, start from fund, research topic, supervisor, the requirements to enrol straight after master degree, so on. just to ensure Dr. Nicklin that I am not a kind of student without understand what I really want to do. Okay, lets tell that I was a little bit worried about meeting with native lecturer like you, dear Sir ! I lost my self confidence suddenly.

You did not prove it Dr. Nicklin ! you really made me feel so comfort to have such a warm consultation yet satisfied with your advices.

As I caught from our first meeting, you told really like a genuine recommendation to me. In your point of view, enrolling PhD directly after master course in UoG is such an advantage for me. I should not apply online and surprisingly do not need to collect research proposal ! you suggested me to make sure that I will be fully-funded, plan the time to approach supervisor and other staff in research project which I prefer to involve, and consult with them. One also important thing is trying to build Curriculum Vitae. If it is my desire, I must begin to reach immediately.

After having one-to-one appointment with Dr. Nicklin, I successfully spent the rest of that day with such a deep contemplation. Is it really necessary for me? Is it really you dream? What if you get married and your husband do not accept your ambition ? Have you ever discuss with your parents ? But, to be honest, deep in my heart, I have interest with it. to be honest.

The next day…

After praying Ied Adha, I walked out along together with Mrs.Ani (one of PhD student from Indonesia), I shared about my experience with Dr. Nicklin yesterday. I told that I still doubt about my capacity to be PhD candidate, I still do not know what should I do to develop my CV. surprisingly, Mrs. Ani gave me an awesome idea and want to help me. I just should learn writing article and try to publish it. don’t think it will be like journal publication in Elsevier, PubMed, or other international journals. Try the easy one !. Is it also a sign? Hello God ! now I am walking on the way You’ve showed. So please guide me.


Yangie Dwi


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